Does the type of BJJ and MMA  gear you get for training matter?



Does the type of BJJ and MMA  gear you get for training matter?

The right gear is important to get for training in MMA and BJJ. Rash guards, Spats, Gi’s, and even shorts are important to choose correctly. The right gear can keep you away from nasty diseases such as staph and ringworm. Not only does the right gear keep you clean but also having cheap gear can get you Gi and Velcro burn. Both of which can scratch up your skin pretty bad.


Preventing disease

MMA and Jiu-jitsu are full contact sports. Unfortunately skin diseases happen and they can be very serious to your health. Cheap rash guards, spats, and Gi’s can actually increase your chances of getting a skin disease. When your gear is not breathable and not made with high quality material it makes you more susceptible to skin infections. Skin infections are the last thing you want to get. Staph is no joke and ringworm can spread fast and take a long time to cure. Choose a high quality and breathable material. The extra money is worth having a rash guard or spats that protects you from outside germs.


Gi burn and Velcro burn

Although, not as serious as disease, Gi burn and Velcro burn can be an issue. A cheaply made Gi when you don’t wear a rash guard underneath can give you serious Gi burn. Those burns aren’t a big deal but can be annoying and tear up your skin. Also, when you buy cheap shorts or gloves it can cause velcro burn on your practice partners. Which, also can be a nuisance and possibly can lead to a skin infection if not healed quickly.  


When buying Jiu-jitsu gear don’t go cheap

I know that rash guards, shorts, BJJ Gi’s, tights, knee pads, and gloves can be ridiculously expensive. When i started training i had a hard time justifying the cost of gear. But, as I’ve seen some terrible staph infections and other skin diseases throughout my career i find spending the extra money is no problem. Also, cheap gear doesn’t last near as long as high quality gear. There are tons of MMA and BJJ gear companies you can choose from. Spend the extra ten or fifteen dollars on higher quality gear thats going to last longer and keep you cleaner. Really in the end you are not saving anymore money by getting cheaper MMA gear. You’ll just end up buying cheaper BJJ gear more often.