Leveling up with Cross Training


Leveling up with Cross training

Some of my best techniques and deepest lessons have been learned from seminars, training at other gyms, and even training in other sports. We often stay in our comfort zone for too long. Once you have a basic understanding of your Art, you need to start broadening your horizon and challenge yourself in different ways. The ways you challenge yourself can be competition, seminars, cross training at another school, starting a new endeavor or art, or immersing yourself in footage or books.


The importance of cross training

Often people want the “quick fix” on getting good fast. This is part of human nature. Unfortunately, there is no real secret to getting good fast. Its pure work ethic, repetition, and gathering knowledge. But, sometimes we hit a peak in our training or skills. You can't really work through these peaks. You have to change your routine up. This is where cross training comes into play. Cross training at other gyms or other arts will actually help you hit the next level in your skills and get you through times where you feel growth has stopped.


Cross training at other gyms

This is super beneficial for learning new techniques and to see where your game is at. When you have a certain game that is effective or maybe not effective at your home gym. You can see the truth at other gyms. Meaning. My game works really well at my gym but you go to another and they may have the answer to defeat your style. But, also sometimes your style starts to become ineffective at your home academy but is still very effective at other academies. Either way you get into new situations and obstacles when you train at different academies. Therefore, this will push you out of that part of your learning where your growth is halted.


Attending Seminars

Another good way to mix up your learning and training is Seminars. Seminars are a very powerful tool to take your game to the next level. I grew up going to multiple seminars every summer. I learned some of my best techniques and learned a lot at those seminars. Take the seminar seriously. Keeping notes after each part of the seminar is very important to retain as much information as you can.


Trying new Arts or Sports

Martial Arts and sports have a lot in common. You can learn principles and concepts from your Art or sport and translate it into another. Principles such as positioning, angles, movements, and control are in many Martial Arts and sports. When you learn the principles and fundamentals of one Art or sport you can translate that into BJJ, wrestling, boxing and really any other skill.



Whether its seminars, training at other gyms, or training in other arts or sports. Your skills in Jiu-Jitsu or Martial Arts can be progressed to the next level through different avenues of cross training. When you find yourself bored or uninterested try another art or skill. When you feel like you're not getting any better at Jiu-Jitsu, maybe try Wrestling or Judo. Mix up your training and try different things to get to the next level.